Hello, my name is Joe Patrina, founder of Hoodwinked.net. Our goal is to challenge the constitutionality of home and vehicle taxation in the Supreme Court of the United States – a complex, costly but potent endeavor. 

Hoodwinked asserts that our natural right to property stands inalienable, sitting above the reach of government.   "We the People" (the United States) argue that private property taxation by state governors (the States) stands in conflict with multiple constitutional clauses that protect the people's natural right to unencumbered property.

The court will be asked to strike down both unlawful property taxes and the liens, garnishment actions, vehicle impoundments and tax sale takings used to intimidate citizens into paying the unconstitutional tax. 

For details, read “Litigation Framework” in the “Books” section of the main menu.

Major funding is needed to retain a law firm able to frame and argue the case in court. Though large donors will be approached, grass roots contributions demonstrate that common citizens understand and support the premise of the suit. 

Please jump in by contributing what you can at GoFundMe.com, and add your name to the Petition database located on the main menu. 
Joe Patrina